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Howtotrade.com offers up-to-date market analysis and news covering the Commodities Market. Within this section, you'll discover comprehensive information including news updates, insightful analysis, and current prices on some of the most heavily traded instruments in the Commodities category.

Published on: 20 Feb 2024 Gold

Gold Daily Price Analysis – Gold Edges Higher Amidst Economic Uncertainty

As geopolitical tensions and economic uncertainties continue to hover over the financial markets, gold has again entered the spotlight as a potential safe haven for investors. Key Points Gold Daily Price Analysis – 20/02/2024 Yesterday’s trade saw gold edging higher, closing at $2,017.63 after testing the resistance at $2,020 and a slight +0.22% growth. Today’s […]


Published on: 14 Feb 2024 Gold

Gold Daily Price Analysis – Gold Falls Sharply After Unexpected CPI Data

Gold prices fell sharply yesterday as the Fed is projected to take a hawkish stance on rate cuts following higher-than-expected inflation data.  Key Points Gold Daily Price Analysis – 14/02/2024 Hotter-than-expected CPI that shows an increase in core inflation in the US sent the probability of a rate cut lower in the next Fed meeting. […]


Published on: 13 Feb 2024 Gold

Gold Daily Price Analysis – CPI Pushed Gold Price Below the $2,000 mark

Amidst higher-than-expected US inflation data, gold prices experienced notable downward movements before the US market opened, falling 1.39%. Key Points Gold Daily Price Analysis – 13/02/2024 Yesterday, gold experienced a modest decline, closing at $2,019.02 per ounce after reaching a high of $2,028.09 and a low of $2,011.91. This represented a decrease of $4.74 or […]


Published on: 07 Feb 2024 Gold

Gold Daily Price Analysis – XAU/USD Prices Consolidate As Investors Await Key Data 

Gold prices continue to trade at critical levels, currently hovering around $2030, with investors’ attention shifting to the Fed’s rate-cut policy.  Key Points Gold Daily Price Analysis – 07/02/2024 Gold trades in consolidation mode in the early Wednesday session after a positive day on Tuesday, gaining 0.54%. The Yellow Metal continues to look for bullish […]


Published on: 24 May 2024 Natural Gas

Exxon, Algeria, & EIA Drive Natural Gas (NG) Selloff

Key Points Market Overview Sellers have dominated the last two natural gas (NG) sessions. However, despite the bearish price action, NG remains up more than 3% on the week. A test of natural resistance around 3.000 was the technical catalyst driving the 48-hour selloff. At its core, natural gas is a commodity, with its pricing […]


Published on: 20 May 2024 Natural Gas

Natural Gas Daily Price Analysis – NG Rallies Amid Tight Supply and Bullish Inventory Data

Ongoing geopolitical issues, including the deaths of key Iranian and Saudi leaders and concerns over Russian gas flows through Ukraine, add unpredictability to the Natural Gas market. Key Points Natural Gas Daily Price Analysis – 20/05/2024 Natural Gas experienced a significant rally on Friday, closing at $2.7460, a 5.25% increase from its open price of […]


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