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Save $228 on our Trade Together program, paid for by our partner.

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Save $228 on our Trade Together program, paid for by our partner.

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Learn How To Trade In Just 28 Days

Trading the markets can feel complicated, filled with jargon, and too difficult. That’s why our expert trading coaches within our Trading Academy will help you grow in confidence.

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Become a confident trader
in 20 minute daily lessons

Our course is more than just an introduction to trading; it's a comprehensive path crafted by experienced trading coaches.

Course 1

How To Trade Financial Markets

Trading concepts simply explained. Practical exercises to build your confidence and much more!

3 Modules
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1 Trading Foundations Made Easy 4 Videos
2 The Three Trade Challenge 5 Videos
3 Triple Screen Trading 5 Videos

Course 2

Prepare To Trade And Develop Your Winning Edge

This course explains where your edge comes from and all the steps required to build success.

3 Modules
See All
1 Understanding Where Profits Come From 4 Videos
2 Setting up For Success 3 Videos
3 Breaking Down What An Edge In The Market Means 4 Videos

Course 3

Chart Reading Basics

Connect support and resistance with the magic of candle patterns to understand how the price moves and why. Plus how ...

4 Modules
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1 Understanding Price Action 5 Videos
2 Conquering Support And Resistance 4 Videos
3 Connecting Price Action To Candles 4 Videos
4 Trading Psychology 4 Videos

Course 4

Market Structures and Patterns

Master trending and range bound markets by understanding the market cycle. Plus, which chart patterns give you an edge.

6 Modules
See All
1 Trading Basics 7 Videos
2 Placing Your First Trade 7 Videos
3 Learn To Use Price Charts 7 Videos
4 Important Classic Chart Patterns 13 Videos
5 Modern Chart Patterns 8 Videos
6 Working With Candle Patterns 7 Videos

Course 5

Building a Winning Trading System

Learn how professionals build a complete trading system and perfect the art of position sizing and trade management.

8 Modules
See All
1 Trading Indicator Basics 3 Videos
2 The Trading Jigsaw pieces 9 Videos
3 Trading Indicators - Deep Dive! 10 Videos
4 Fundamental Analysis 13 Videos
5 All About Central Banks 10 Videos
6 Ignite your trading journey 6 Videos
7 Get ahead of market moves 5 Videos
8 Do you have what it takes to be a trader? 5 Videos

Course 6

Growing As A Successful Trader

Learn how to create a winning mindset, fix bad habits and conquer your trading psychology.

5 Modules
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1 Trading Psychology 6 Videos
2 Master Trading Strategies 5 Videos
3 The Naked Trading Strategy 7 Videos
4 Proprietary Trading 6 Videos
5 Trading Smart Money Concepts 8 Videos

No credit card required.

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Trading Certification

Upon completion of the course, you'll be recognised for your commitment by receiving a Howtotrade.com certification. This certification can be a valuable addition to your professional profile.

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Expert Trading Coaches
Helping You Grow in Confidence

Connor Woods,

EU FlagConnor Woods

5+ years of Experience

Key Trading Session

US Open


Forex, Equity, Commodities


From the South East of England, Connor comes from an academic background achieving a first-class degree in Finance & Economics from Bournemouth University. This industry is all he knows, as from a young age all of his studies, research, and learning have ties back to economics. Connor comes from a “millennial” era, which is serving him in good stead to understand how social media has driven much of the world today. Away from this, his passion lies in sports which is what he enjoys in most of his spare time.

Shain Vernier,

USA Flag Shain Vernier

10+ years of Experience

Key Trading Session

US Close and Asia Pacific Open


CME WTI crude oil futures, CME gold futures, US equities indices and FX majors.


A native of rural Montana (USA), Shain approaches the market from a blue-collar perspective. With a background in residential construction, oil field services, and financial writing, he favors common sense over elegant analytics. Shain's mantra sums up his views on trading capital: Keep it simple! Shain holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Finance from the University of Montana (B.Sc. Finance, 2002). In his college days, he had an accomplished baseball career competing in the NWAAC and NCAA Big XII conferences. Shain's collegiate experience provides the backdrop for his "financial athlete" trading philosophy, where success is based on the three D's — desire, discipline, and dedication.

Nick Quinn,

EU Flag Nick Quinn

14+ Years of Experience

Key Trading Session

European Open


Equities, fixed income, commodities, spot market forex, CFD's, currency futures contracts


Originally from London, Nick lived in several different countries throughout his childhood and come from a family with a background in engineering. There is nothing like a global education to give someone an appreciation and understanding of different cultures and how the world connects. Majoring in arts and science Nick completed his studies in California before returning to London to work in finance. There are many great trading quotes, but his favourite is from American Commodities Trader Ed Seykota: “Everyone gets what they want from the market”.

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Already Trading?

Let’s overcome your biggest setbacks.

Learn from experienced traders who have successfully navigated the ups and downs of the market.

angry face

Revenge Trading

Often a reaction to recoup trading losses. We’ll help you understand the underlying reasons for revenge trading and provide steps to address and overcome this behaviour.

sad face

Blowing Up Accounts

Emotional decision-making, overleveraging, insufficient trading plan, lack of education and risk management are some core areas we’ll uncover to help put you back on track.

greedy face

Breaking Strategy Rules

Instill confidence through effective back-testing of your strategy before going live. Discover the optimal approach to back-testing that ensures you adhere to your rules, paving the way for consistent success in your trading journey.

No credit card required.

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Once you feel confident we welcome all aspiring traders to join our Trade Together program where we help you build confidence in real-time during live trading sessions and daily trade reports.

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