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What is HowToTrade?

HowToTrade is on a mission to become the world’s leading trading education platform. We provide traders of all levels with the education and support needed to become a successful trader. We have 4 trading mentors that will share their 100+ years of experience with new and existing traders.

Our education is delivered inside the HowToTrade Trading Room. This is where the magic happens. Inside our Trading Room we have hundreds of hours of educational courses which cover the very basics all the way up to the most technical knowledge. Every day (Monday - Friday) there are up to 8 live streams per day, which will help you analyse the markets, understand trading strategies and answer any questions you might have about what you have learned on your video courses.

How do I get started with HowToTrade?

It’s easy. All you need to do is book a free webinar and enroll yourself in our 3 day live and interactive educational program.

Who is HowToTrade for?

You. If you have always wanted to learn how to trade, or maybe you’re already trading but you’d like to improve your results, then we’re exactly what you’ve been looking for.

What is the accelerator program?

The accelerator program is an intensive 3 day live & interactive educational program where you will get prepared for success.

Is the webinar free?

Yes. You can get free access to our webinar once you book your selected slot. We’re sure you will love what we have to offer you!

What’s included with the HowToTrade membership plan?

Once you watch our free webinar you will get access to our trading room that will include:

  • 3 day live & interactive accelerator program where I’ll get you prepared for success
  • Trading Software tool to find trade up setups for you
  • Up to 8 daily live mentor streams where we scan the markets with you
  • Direct access to 4 experienced trading mentors for any questions or guidance
  • VIP strategy testing software to build your confidence whilst trading

Why is trading education important?

It’s not just important, it’s crucial. Most retail traders fail because they don’t have the knowledge to make smart decisions in the market. In fact, 99% of traders fail and this is one of the biggest reasons why traders fail. You have to create an edge in the markets and your trading knowledge and your trader mindset are that edge.

Which financial markets are discussed?

All of the popular financial markets are discussed inside our Trading Room. Forex, Stocks, Crypto, Commodities, Options, Indices, and more. We’re adding to the video courses frequently too.

Can anyone learn how to trade?

Yes, if someone is willing to learn then, of course, anyone can learn how to trade the markets. The key to learning how to trade is being disciplined and focused. Most mistakes in the financial markets are caused by traders unable to control their emotions, let us show you how to control your emotions whilst trading.

Do you provide trading signals?

No, we are not a signal service and we do not provide financial advice. However, members can share their trade ideas with each other inside the trading room, every day hundreds of members share their own trade ideas.

Our trading mentors share market analysis with you daily via live streams and via posts inside the Trading Room.

What’s inside the HowToTrade trading room?

The trading room offers elite trading educational videos, daily live streams, daily live market analysis, trading community to share trade ideas, weekly hot pick trading analysis, live interactive trading workshops, access to trading tools and many more.

Who is inside the HowToTrade community?

The community is made up of thousands of members just like you, from all backgrounds. We have members from all over the world, all time zones and with all levels of trading experience.

How does your 30-day money-back guarantee work?

It’s easy. We’re so confident you will love what we have to offer you inside the Trading Room, however, if for any reason you are not happy you have a 30-day refund guarantee. Terms & Conditions apply to the accelerator program

What courses does HowToTrade offer?

HowToTrade offers lifetime access to bite size elite educational trading videos; from expert mentors with over 50 years of combined experience.

What tools do you offer inside of the Trading Room?

Lots. We have a dedicated area inside the Trading Room with tools such as the Currency Heat Map, Lot Size Calculator, Profit Calculator, Economic Calendar, and much, much more! There is no extra charge for the trading tools, everything has been custom-built for our Trading Room members.

How many live streams happen per day inside the trading room?

Typically 8. We have 4 trading mentors streaming 24/5 Monday - Friday. Our mentors are international so cover all market opening hours. Streams typically last for 30-60 minutes. All financial markets can be discussed on the live streams. Remember, you can ask the mentors and the community questions throughout the live stream via the live chat inside the Trading Room.

What is MT4?

MetaTrader 4 is a trading platform that analyzes the financial markets and uses Expert Advisors.

Do you also own ForexSignals.com?

Yes. ForexSignals.com is a brand founded by our team in 2012. We have evolved into HowToTrade.com as we believe the future of our business is much more than just Forex.

How do you become a successful trader?

Anyone can become a successful trader with dedication, persistence and most importantly education. This is where we come in to help turn you into a successful trader by providing you with the right tools.

What payment methods can I use?

You can pay for your membership with PayPal, Bank or Credit Cards/Stripe payment.

Who is Andrew Lockwood?

Andrew Lockwood has been trading the markets for over 33+ years. Before joining our team, Andrew was a professional trader in London. Today, Andrew lives with his family in the UK and teaches our members how to trade from the screens at home.

Who is Scott Greer?

Scott is a market veteran of over 15 years. He has extensive knowledge in the Equities, Options, Futures and Forex markets. His simplified teaching approach makes learning fun and speeds up the learning curve. Scott has personally mentored thousands of students over the last 10 years.

Who is Max Norbury?

Max Norbury has been trading the markets for over 10 years, starting when he was just 19. Max is based in the UK.

Who is Shain Vernier?

Shain Vernier is an active trader and a HowToTrade (HTT) Mentor. He has over 10+ years of market experience and is a hybrid trader with a combination of technical and fundamental analysis

How do I contact one of the mentors?

You can send a private message to any of the mentors and they will respond within 48 hours (please allow for longer if you have sent a message over the weekend, the mentors are not in the trading room over the weekend). You can also message the mentors in the community live chat if you would like your question to be discussed during a public live stream.

Does HowToTrade have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do. Visit this affiliate page here to register. The commission is paid recurring and anyone can join. There is no limit to what you could earn with us.

Can I refer friends to HowToTrade?

Yes, of course. You will receive $50 for every friend who registers and joins HowToTrade. See inside the Trading Room for your customer referral link. There is no limit to what you could earn with us.

I’ve forgotten my password, what do I do?

Click “forgot password’ on the login box. You can also contact our 24/7 live chat support if you need any further assistance.

I’ve forgotten my username, what do I do?

Contact our 24/7 live chat support if you need any assistance or by email [email protected].

How can I contact support?

It’s easy. Contact our 24/7 live support in the bottom right corner of this page, or email us at [email protected]. You can also contact the support team from the Trading Room.