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Howtotrade.com offers up-to-date market analysis and news covering the Commodities Market. Within this section, you'll discover comprehensive information including news updates, insightful analysis, and current prices on some of the most heavily traded instruments in the Commodities category.

Published on: 17 May 2024 Gold

Gold Daily Price Analysis – Gold Market Responds to Soft CPI Data, Federal Reserve Speeches in Focus

Opening at $2,381.4 and currently trading around $2,387.2, gold shows resilience in response to softer U.S. CPI data and expectations of an impending Federal Reserve rate cut. Key Points Gold Daily Price Analysis – 17/05/2024 Gold experienced a mild decline in yesterday’s session, closing at $2,385.5 after opening at $2,391.5, marking a change of -0.39%. […]


Published on: 14 May 2024 Gold

Will Hot Inflation Send Gold South? 

Key Points For the majority of 2024, gold (XAU/USD) has been on a rocketship north. Prices have dug in above $2,000 and show no signs of retracing. The primary market drivers? Geopolitical angst and monetary policy. Now, traders are beginning to question whether gold will come back down to Earth or ride high for the […]


Published on: 10 May 2024 Gold

Gold Daily Price Analysis – Investors’ Interest in Gold Spikes with Fed Rate Cut Expectations

The Federal Reserve’s potential interest rate cuts, expected by nearly 50% by September, have significantly influenced investor interest in gold. Key Points Gold Daily Price Analysis – 10/05/2024 Gold witnessed a notable ascent in yesterday’s trading session, with the closing price reaching $2346.245 after opening at $2308.690, marking a significant increase of 1.63%. This upward […]


Published on: 08 May 2024 Gold

Gold (XAU/USD) Enters Rotation Amid Slow News Cycle

Key Points Following last week’s FOMC and NFP fireworks, not much was expected out of gold (XAU/USD). However, bullion is up more than ½ percent on the week, trading just short of the 2325.00 quarter handle.  It’s an interesting time in the precious metals markets. Both silver and gold are bullish, fueled by economic and […]


Published on: 03 May 2024 Gold

Gold Daily Price Analysis – Consolidation Continues, Eyes on Non-Farm Payrolls

The release of key U.S. economic indicators, particularly Non-Farm Payrolls, could significantly influence gold prices today, with investors awaiting these data before making major decisions. Key Points Gold Daily Price Analysis – 03/05/2024 Gold prices experienced a modest decline yesterday, closing at $2303.800 after opening at $2319.560, reflecting a decrease of 0.68%. The slight drop […]


Published on: 02 May 2024 Gold

Post-Fed Action: Intermediate-Term Support In View For Gold (XAU/USD) 

Key Points Wednesday’s FOMC Announcements shook the forex, futures, and stock markets to their collective core. In the case of gold (XAU/USD), prices closed more than 1.40% higher in the Fed-fueled session. Going into the FOMC Announcements, there was a 99.5% chance that the Fed was to hold interest rates firm at 5.25-5.5%. And, that’s […]


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