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Earn with one of the best Forex affiliate programs

Here’s what we paid out to our affiliates last month. Do you want to join the success?

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Numbers speak louder than words

Here at, we mean business. Refer as many people as you can and earn 10% recurring commission on all their subscriptions.

10% recurring commission on all referred subscriptions

High earnings potential

No profit limit

Earnings Calculator

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Monthly Earnings


Yearly Earnings

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Withdrawals as easy as 1, 2, 3…

We believe you should be able to withdraw your money at any time, without any hassle or hidden fees. It’s your money after all! 

All we ask in return is that you first complete a 30-day maturation period so we can ensure your referrals stay with us. Once completed, it’s quids in!

Let us handle your marketing creatives

Our team of talented designers and marketers have prepared some awesome banners! And the best part? You can download them from your affiliate dashboard at all times.

Want us to make banners just for you? Or even better, a landing page? No problem! Hit us up and let us work our magic. 

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It’s easy to start earning with

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It only takes a few minutes to register and it is free to join us.

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Let’s get you set up

Confirm your details and it’s showtime! Your link and dashboard will be visible straight away.

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Let’s make some cash!

And that’s you set up! It’s all in your hands now! Don’t worry though, we are always just a message away.

Rewards you simply can’t resist.

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Unlimited earnings

High earnings potential

Flexible payment structure

Secure and reliable payment methods

Access to high-quality marketing material

Full creative & development support

Multilingual customer care & retention team

Interactive performance dashboard with 90-day referral cookie tracking

Team work makes the dream work! 😉

Whether you’re interested in a collab, shoutout from the mentors, writing a guest blog or have any other ideas that could help your success, we’re all here for it!

Real-time performance tracking

It’s no secret that we all love to see those numbers go up! With our real-time interactive performance dashboard you can watch your clicks, registrations and conversions come in as they happen! 

high earnings potential

High earnings potential

There really is no limit to your profits. In fact, those who think they can smash it, send us a message and we will make you a custom commission structure.


Big opportunities

Get that landing page done. Use those creatives. Smash your goals. The ball is in your court!


Globally recognised & trusted

Trusted by complete beginners as well as experienced traders worldwide. Check out our 5 – star reviews.


Dedicated Account Manager

You’re no longer in this alone. We’re always just a message away and available to chat 24/7. 

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These guys are great - helping me to succeed during extraordinary market conditions. Highly recommended!


This platform rocks! I started as a beginner with no idea on Forex and now I am making an income out of it and know a lot about the market!

Ale TradeFX

As a newby, I liked this. They are very easy to understand. I subscribed and until now I can say it's worth it. Support people are also there to help

Andrea A. B

How to trade is really a great tool for all the Forex enthusiasts. You can learn so much regardless your level, the platform is full with valuable content. Also they...


Awesome experience, I have learnt so much and everything is so interactive!

Paul P.

I've learned a lot in a couple of weeks and overall very satisfied. You can never find a platform like this with great mentors and strategies. For all newbies...

Obi Teng
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Take a look at frequently asked questions below. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact us through our 24/7 live chat.

How can I join the affiliate program?

Getting started with the affiliate program is easy. All you have to do is click the ‘register now’ button above and you’ll be ready to start earning in seconds. And the best part? You don’t have to pay any fees to join. We’re ready when you are!

Does pay recurring commissions to affiliates?

Absolutely! Every time your referral renews their membership, you will receive 10% commission, for as long as we all shall live  (considering you’re still an active affiliate in our program, of course).

How do you pay affiliates and how often?

We believe that it is your money and you should be able to access it whenever you want. All you need to do is request a withdrawal. Once done, please allow 24 hours for the payment to reach your account.

What marketing materials do you provide?

We provide a wide collection of banners, logos, prints and anything else you can think of! And if you have something else in mind, just let us know and our talented marketeers and developers will help you with custom assets.

How long does an affiliate tracking cookie last?

It lasts for 90 days. This means that if a referral clicks on your affiliate link, then you will be credited considering they sign up within the 90 day period. Once your referral stays with us for over 30 days, you will be credited your commission.

Why do I have to wait for 30-days to receive a commission?

Here at, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee to all customers. Therefore to ensure your referrals stay with us and become paid members, we have to wait 30 days to make sure they convert.

Are there any marketing methods that work better than the others?

It’s completely up to you and your marketing style. Throughout our experience, we’ve tried it all! Facebook Ads, Google PPC Ads, YouTube Ads and more. Let us know if you need any help.

What information can I track about my referrals?

You can track the number of sign ups, unique link clicks, registration number and your conversion rate.

How can I contact your support team about the affiliate program?

You can reach us through the 24/7 on the live chat to your right, or simply email us at

Ready to become an affiliate?

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