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Save $228 on our Trade Together program, paid for by our partner.

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Our trading coaches have decades of experience. Let them show you the path to becoming a career trader.

Nick Quinn

Trading Coach, HowToTrade

14+ years Trading Experience

Last 30 days activity: 17 Trading ideas 17 Live streams


Originally from London, Nick lived in several different countries throughout his childhood and come from a family with a background in engineering. There is nothing like a global education to give someone an appreciation and understanding of different cultures and how the world connects.

Majoring in arts and science Nick completed his studies in California before returning to London to work in finance. There are many great trading quotes, but his favourite is from American Commodities Trader Ed Seykota: “Everyone gets what they want from the market”.


Nicks trading career began after Lehman Brother Bank collapsed in 2008. Primarily drawn towards spot rate fx markets, Nick has studied and completed many of the leading professional trading training programs in the UK. His knowledge extends across the full range of trading instruments and asset classes with a particular passion for futures markets on Eurex and the CME.


Market data analytics are the backbone of Nicks trading style, with extensive working knowledge of volume, open interest and CFTC Commitment of Traders data and Commercial Hedging. Using a top-down approach with a backdrop of fundamental analysis, COT's data helps to see deeper into the market adding a strategic edge to trading decisions.

Teaching Style

Nick has a great talent for simplifying complex financial concepts to make it easy for anyone to learn and grasp. He is a big believer that hard work and persistence are the keys to unlocking the talent required to achieve trading success. The financial markets can be an intimidating landscape for anyone without experience, Nick has the right approach to supporting clients of all levels through their trading journey.

Nick Quinn, trading coach

Shain Vernier

Trading Coach, HowToTrade

10+ years Trading Experience

Last 30 days activity: 22 Trading ideas 23 Live streams


A native of rural Montana (USA), Shain approaches the market from a blue-collar perspective. With a background in residential construction, oil field services, and financial writing, he favors common sense over elegant analytics. Shain's mantra sums up his views on trading capital: Keep it simple!

Shain holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Finance from the University of Montana (B.Sc. Finance, 2002). In his college days, he had an accomplished baseball career competing in the NWAAC and NCAA Big XII conferences. Shain's collegiate experience provides the backdrop for his "financial athlete" trading philosophy, where success is based on the three D's — desire, discipline, and dedication.


Shain's trading career began shortly after the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. As the housing market crashed, the construction industry took an unprecedented hit. Out of necessity, Shain turned his attention to the futures markets in the spring of 2010. He's been there — in one form or another — ever since.

Over the past 10+ years, Shain has traded everything from shares, crypto, and forex to CME futures. The only thing he hasn't traded is his small collection of vintage baseball cards!


From a strategic standpoint, Shain is focused primarily on intraday scalping and day and swing trading strategies. Bollinger Bands and Fibonacci Retracements are his indicators of choice within a multiple time frame context.

Shain's favorite markets are CME WTI crude oil futures, CME gold futures, the US equities indices, and FX majors.

Teaching Style

Shain takes a hands-on approach to relaying his market knowledge to other traders. Whether on a live stream, in video lessons, or in a blog, he breaks down complex topics into understandable terms.

Be sure to check out one of Shain's streams or trade ideas in the HowToTrade trading room. The streams go live twice each day, where he breaks down the session's key events and market moves. If you have any questions, submit them via Live Chat or Private Message, and Shain will answer promptly.

Shain Vernier, trading coach

Connor Woods

Trading Coach, HowToTrade

5+ years Trading Experience

Last 30 days activity: Trading ideas Live streams


From the South East of England, Connor comes from an academic background achieving a first-class degree in Finance & Economics from Bournemouth University. This industry is all he knows, as from a young age all of his studies, research, and learning have ties back to economics. Connor comes from a “millennial” era, which is serving him in good stead to understand how social media has driven much of the world today. Away from this, his passion lies in sports which is what he enjoys in most of his spare time.


Connor’s journey very much started at university 9 years ago, but his career accelerated after landing a job at a global FX & CFD’s brokerage in a sales & support role. This experience gave him valuable insight into the functionality of brokers behind the scenes, where his trading journey really began. Connor was then promoted to launch the analyst department at the company as the senior market analyst, where his trading skillset grew to a stage where he became the funded trader he is today, where he is an analyst at howtotrade. For someone in his mid 20’s, you may be surprised at his view of Cryptocurrencies!


Smart Money. This is Connor’s bread and butter when it comes to trading. He has developed a way of trading that combines fundamental knowledge from his studies, with smart money price action. Over the past 7 years, Connor has explored the concept of liquidity as being the real driver behind markets. His favourite market? The NASDAQ100, without question! However, he does also trade various US Dollar pairs and dabbles in commodities.

Teaching Style

Connor’s teaching style evolves around breaking down complex economic analysis into something relatable for everyone to understand, seen as most of the time “complex” language is used to defer retail traders from looking at the real drivers of the market. He is also extremely approachable, and will support your development at every opportunity, constantly making sure everyone understands the concepts during the live stream so no one is left behind!

Connor Woods, trading coach
candlestick background

Frequently asked questions

See our most asked questions and answers below. See our full FAQs here.

Which markets do the HowToTrade trading coaches cover?

HowToTrade trading coaches trade everything. If it has a chart, they can analyze and trade it! The team primarily analyzes the forex market, stocks, crypto, commodities, futures, indices, and options.

Does HowToTrade provide trading strategies?

Yes. Inside the trading room, a number of trading strategies are shared via live streams and course videos on our trading academy. Each forex trading coach at HowToTrade has a proven track record of success and a unique trading strategy. Each strategy is backtested, so you can learn this strategy knowing that it has been rigorously tested and applied in real market conditions. If you have any questions, just ask our trading coaches via the next live stream.

How can HowToTrade’s trading coaches help me?

Our trading coaches are professional traders that specialize in trading. They are here to guide you through the process of trading. This includes teaching you how to read a candlestick chart, analyze the markets, learn how to interpret news and develop trading strategies. In short, our trading coaches can teach you everything you need to know and help you find the right way in the complex trading world.

How do I contact the trading coaches?

One of the best things about HowToTrade is that our trading coaches aren't hard to find! They stream around the clock and are available in the trading room via live chat and private message. No matter your enquiry, HowToTrade trading coaches are available to help you on your trading journey.

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