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16 Best Forex Podcasts Worth Listening to in 2024

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forex trading podcasts

Are you looking to stay on top of the ever-changing world of forex trading? Do you want to learn from expert forex traders and hear about the latest insights and strategies? 

Look no further than these 16 best Forex podcasts for 2024. Hosted by experienced traders and market analysts, these podcasts cover various topics and provide valuable insights. 

16 Best Forex Trading Podcasts

1. Words of Rizdom Podcast

words of rizdom podcast

Host: Riz Iqbal

Podcast Type: Interview

Frequency: Weekly

Social Media: YouTube, Instagram, X, TikTok

Best For: All traders

The Words of Rizdom Podcast, hosted by Riz Iqbal, is a popular podcast focused on finance and trading, particularly forex and futures trading. The podcast features interviews with successful entrepreneurs and financial experts, where discussions tend to be free-flowing as it delves into the realities of the financial world, including the psychology of trading and personal experiences.

The podcast claims to be the Number 1 and Fastest Growing Trading/Finance Podcast in the World. While there’s no way to verify that claim, it does have a YouTube channel with over 188,000 subscribers.

Another key feature of the Words of Rizdom Podcast is the Traders Roundtable episodes he has from time to time. About four highly successful traders sit at a table to discuss, share ideas, agree, and sometimes, disagree.

In addition to everything on psychology, technical analysis, and risk management, Words of Ridom also has a strong focus on the lifestyle aspects of trading,

Where to listen:

2. FX Talk – An Ebury Podcast

FX Talk - An Ebury Podcast

Host: Bloomberg Forecasters

Podcast Type: Talk show/Market Analysis


Frequency: Weekly

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, X

Best for: All types of traders

FX Talk – An Ebury Podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in the global currency market. This informative podcast is hosted by three seasoned financial market analysts who are top Bloomberg forecasters. 

Each episode of FX Talk delves into the latest macroeconomic news and its impact on the global financial market. 

The hosts provide valuable insights and analysis on key events, trends, and developments, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions in the ever-changing world of forex. 

What sets FX Talk apart from other finance podcasts is its ability to make complex topics engaging and accessible. 

The hosts use relatable examples and analogies to explain economic concepts and market movements in a way that is easy to understand, even for those without a background in finance.

Where to listen: 

3. IG Trading the Markets

IG Trading the Markets

Host: IG Team

Podcast Type: Market Analysis 


Social Media: LinkedIn, X, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook

Frequency: Weekly

Best for: All types of traders

If you want to get more out of your trading strategy and stay on top of the latest market trends, look no further than IG Trading the Markets. 

This dynamic podcast is your go-to source for exclusive insights from some of the most knowledgeable analysts and industry experts. 

From Forex to stock trading and everything in between, each episode is packed with valuable information and actionable tips that you can use to grow your Forex account.

The hosts make even the most complex financial topics easy to understand, using relatable examples to illustrate key concepts and strategies.

Where to listen:

4. Titans of Tomorrow

Titans of Tomorrow

Host: Waqar Asim

Podcast Type: Interview

Frequency: Weekly

Social Media: YouTube, Instagram

Best For: Beginners

The podcast focuses on interviews with successful entrepreneurs and financial experts, particularly those who specialize in forex and futures trading. Similar to the Words of Rizdom podcast, discussions explore the journeys and insights of successful individuals, likely millionaires and billionaires, with a focus on the practical realities of the financial world.

Waqar tends to use an engaging approach in his podcast. He not only listens to what his guests have to say, making it look like a one-sided interrogation. Rather, he also shares insights about his financial trading life and, from time to time, drops details about his trading strategies.

Where to listen:

5. Desire To Trade Podcast | Forex Trading Tips & Interviews with Highly Successful Traders

Desire To Trade Podcast

Host: Etienne Crete

Podcast Type: Talkshow


Social Media: Facebook, X, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube

Frequency: 2 episodes per month 

Best for: Every type of trader

If you’re looking to develop your currency trading skills and gain more financial freedom, The Desire To Trade Podcast is an essential listen. Hosted by experienced trader Etienne Crete, this podcast is dedicated to providing practical insights. 

Each episode of The Desire To Trade Podcast features an interview with a successful trader from around the world who shares their story, trading strategies, and insights on the industry. 

Etienne also draws on his own experience as a trader, providing valuable lessons and practical advice on everything from mindset and risk management to technical analysis and market trends.

Where to listen:

6. Chat With Traders

Chat With Traders

Host: Tessa Dao and Ian Cox

Podcast Type: Tips and strategies


Social Media: Facebook, X, Instagram, YouTube.

Frequency: Bi-Weekly

Best for: Beginners

Are you looking to learn from the best and brightest traders in the industry? Look no further than Chat With Traders, a podcast dedicated to in-depth conversations with talented traders in stocks, futures, options, forex, and crypto markets.

Hosted by Tessa Dao and Ian Cox, each episode features a candid and insightful interview with a successful trader who shares their story, trading journey, and valuable market insights. 

From those who started with nothing to those who have achieved significant success, Chat With Traders provides diverse perspectives and experiences to help listeners learn and grow as traders.

Where to listen: 

7. The Trading Coach Podcast

The Trading Coach Podcast

Host: Akil Stokes

Podcast Type: Investing

Social Media: YouTube

Frequency: Weekly

Best for: Beginners

If you’re looking for a podcast covering all aspects of trading, investing, entrepreneurship, and personal development, then the Forex Trading Coach podcast is the best choice. 

A professional forex trader and trading coach, Akil Stokes, brings a unique blend of professional insights and inspiring stories to the table. 

Each episode of the Trading Coach Podcast is packed with practical advice and actionable tips that you can use to improve your trading skills and achieve greater success in the forex markets. 

From risk management and technical analysis to psychology and mindset, Akil covers all the key elements of successful trading, drawing on his own experience and the wisdom of his guests.

 Where to listen: 

8. Global Market Insights

Global Market Insights

Host: XM team 

Podcast Type: Market Analysis


Social Media: Facebook, X, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok

Frequency: Every Workday 

Best for: Beginners

If you’re looking for a podcast that provides meaningful and informative content on global markets, look no further than Global Market Insights by XM Trading.

This podcast keeps you updated with the latest economic events and online investing opportunities worldwide. 

Each episode features an in-depth analysis of market trends, geopolitical events, economic data, and practical tips and strategies for successful forex trading.

Where to listen:

9. Trading Nut

Trading Nut

Host: Cam Hawkins

Podcast Type: Talkshow


Social Media: Facebook, X, YouTube, Instagram

Frequency: Weekly

Best for: Beginners

Are you looking to learn from some of the best traders in the world? Then you need to check out Trading Nut, the podcast that’s been bringing you insider knowledge since 2015. 

Host Cam Hawkins has spent years searching for the top forex, futures, stock, and cryptocurrency traders to uncover their secrets for success. 

Through in-depth interviews, Cam has unearthed a wealth of knowledge and money-making tips you won’t find anywhere else. 

From risk management and technical analysis to mindset and psychology, the traders featured on Trading Nut share their best strategies and insights for achieving market success.

Where to listen:

10. Forex Beginner Podcast

Forex Beginner Podcast

Host: Calvin The New Trader

Podcast Type: Market Tips 

Social Media: YouTube

Frequency: Daily

Best for: Beginners

If you’re a new or beginner forex trader, you know how overwhelming and challenging it can be to navigate the financial markets. But fear not because the Forex Beginner Podcast is here to help. 

Hosted by Calvin The New Trader, a former struggling trader who turned his fortunes around and is now consistently profitable, this daily forex trading podcast is designed to motivate and educate new traders like you. 

With a focus on practical tips, strategies, and mindset shifts, Calvin shares his hard-won insights and experience to help you avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes that can derail your trading journey. 

He knows firsthand the struggles that beginners face and is dedicated to helping you find success.

11. How to Trade It

How to Trade It

Host: Casey Stubbs

Podcast Type: Market Tips


Frequency: 4-5 episodes per month

Best for: Beginner to intermediate traders

If you’re a beginner or intermediate trader looking for practical tips and motivation, “How to Trade It” is worth checking out. Casey Stubbs is a knowledgeable host who keeps the conversations engaging and asks insightful questions. Each episode features a different guest trader, bringing diverse perspectives and trading styles to the table.

The potential selling point of this podcast is how it covers a wide range of trading topics, from technical analysis to risk management and psychology. It delivers practical advice and strategies from experienced traders. On the downside, though, advanced traders might find the content too basic and lacking in depth.

Where to Listen:

12. Trading Global Markets Decoded

Trading Global Markets Decoded

Host: Martin Essex

Podcast Type: Market Analysis/Talkshow


Frequency: Nothing since 3 years ago.

Best for: Technical Analysts

With two shows per week, this podcast provides all the insights and strategies you need to succeed in the fast-paced world of forex trading. Each episode features an analysis of market trends and events and practical tips and strategies for successful trading. 

From technical analysis and charting to risk management and psychology, Martin and his guests cover all the key topics you need to know to trade confidently. 

But what sets Trading Global Markets Decoded apart is its focus on conversations with experts. Martin interviews some of the brightest minds in the market, giving you unique insights into their views on trading and the markets.

Where to listen:

13. Forex Q&A

Forex Q&A

Host: VP

Podcast Type: Tips and strategies


Social Media: YouTube

Frequency: Nothing for 5 years now. 

Best for: Beginners

Have you been struggling to find success as a Forex trader? Do you feel like you were set up to fail from the start? 

If so, you must check out Forex Q&A, the podcast dedicated to helping you reverse your fortunes and succeed in the markets. 

Hosted by a professional forex prop trader VP, this podcast takes a brutally honest approach to forex trading. Using a Q&A format, the VP tells it like it is, cutting through the noise and giving you the insights and strategies you need to succeed. 

VP covers all the key topics you need to know to trade confidently, from technical analysis and risk management to mindset and psychology. He tells you what’s important, what’s not, and how to do it, all in a no-nonsense style that’s refreshing and effective.

Where to listen:

14. Trading with Rayner Show

Trading with Rayner Show

Host: Rayner Teo

Podcast Type: Market Tips, analyses, and interviews


Social Media: YouTube, X, Telegram, Facebook

Frequency: Sporadic

Best for: All traders

Trading with Rayner is a valuable resource for forex traders seeking practical, price-action-based strategies and deeper dives into technical analysis and trading psychology.

One thing this podcast has going for it is how Rayner delves deeper than basics, analyzing specific chart patterns, risk management techniques, and the trader’s mental game within the context of forex trading. To make things even better, the podcast invites renowned trading experts like Adam Grimes and Darek Dargo, offering diverse perspectives and valuable insights.

However, some guest interviews could benefit from deeper discussions and explorations of the guests’ expertise beyond introductory topics.

Where to Listen:

15. SteadyTrade


Host: Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson

Podcast Type: Market Tips


Social Media: Facebook, X

Frequency: Nothing since 2019

Best for: Beginner to intermediate traders

If your trading psychology is what’s been holding you back from achieving consistency in trading, the SteadyTrade podcast might be just what you need. Even though there haven’t been any new sessions since 2021, the podcast already boasts over 200 episodes from over a decade. That’s more than enough for most traders.

Tim and Stephen offer concrete trading strategies, risk management tips, and technical analysis breakdowns. They delve into specific setups, platforms, and tools, providing listeners with clear guidance. The icing on the cake for this show is how their contrasting personalities balance the show. Tim’s experience and energy are complemx1xented by Stephen’s analytical approach and cautionary notes. This diversity of viewpoints broadens the appeal and applicability of the content.

On the downside, though, the sales pitch undercurrent can be annoying. While valuable information is shared freely, frequent mentions of “the trading challenge,” Tim’s paid trading service, can feel intrusive and distract from the educational content.

Where to Listen:

16. Two Blokes Trading

Two Blokes Trading

Host: Rory & Jonathan

Podcast Type: Market Tips


Social Media: Facebook, X, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok

Frequency: Nothing since 2023

Best for: All kinds of traders

Two Blokes Trading delivers a no-nonsense approach to navigating the world of online trading. Hosts Rory and Jonathan (the blokes!) bring a refreshing blend of expertise and approachability, making complex concepts understandable even for newbies.

The great thing about the podcast is its content diversity. From deep dives into specific trading tools to interviews with industry experts, Two Blokes Trading offers a diverse range of topics. Each episode feels fresh and engaging, catering to diverse interests within the trading community. And unlike some podcasts that paint trading as a get-rich-quick scheme, Two Blokes Trading emphasizes the hard work, discipline, and potential risks involved. They openly share their own wins and losses, adding a valuable layer of authenticity.

It even gets better with their high episode release frequency. Some months even had up to 8 episodes!

Where to Listen:

BONUS: Best Forex Podcasts on Spotify

If you are a Spotify-only fan looking for more Spotify options, then in this section, we have listed the five best Forex podcasts you can find on this platform. Here are some of the Spotify podcasts you can check:

  1. A Trader’s Life
  2. Forex Trading Podcast
  3. Forex Basics Podcast 
  4. The Simple Trading Podcast 
  5. Let’s Talk Forex with Alison and Chris

BONUS: Fell free to check our blog post on the best swing trading podcasts which can broaden your knowledge on trading podcasts.

Why Are Forex Trading Podcasts Important for Your Trading Education?

Forex trading isn’t easy, unlike these fake gurus telling you that you can make “x amount of money in a single day”. First, you need to learn the factors influencing FX currency prices, develop a successful trading strategy, and create your daily routine using a trading checklist and a trading plan template. You must also keep up with the market trends and learn the ins and outs to stay ahead of the game.

That’s where forex trading podcasts come in. They offer a convenient and accessible way to stay informed about all the latest market developments. So, with that in mind, here are some of the benefits of listening to Forex podcasts:

Access to Expert Insights

One of the most significant benefits of forex trading podcasts is that they give you access to expert insights and analysis. Many podcasts feature interviews with industry pros and experienced traders who share their knowledge and expertise on various topics. This can include everything from market analysis and trading strategies to risk management and psychology.  

By listening to these podcasts, you can gain valuable insights and learn from the experiences of others, which can help you develop forex trading skills and strategies.

Stay Up-to-Date with Market News

Forex trading podcasts are also a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest market news and developments. 

Many podcasts offer daily or weekly updates on market conditions, including news releases, economic indicators, and other events that can impact the forex market. By staying informed, you can make more informed trading decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

Convenient and Accessible

Another major advantage of forex trading podcasts is that they are convenient and accessible. You can listen to podcasts on your commute while exercising or any other time you’re on the go. Obviously, you can also listen to trading podcasts when you are trading.

This makes it easy to stay up-to-date with the latest market news and insights, even if you only have a little time to sit down and read a book or watch a video.

Various Topics and Formats

Forex trading podcasts offer a wide range of topics and formats, making it easy to find something that suits your interests and learning style. 

Some podcasts focus on specific trading strategies or techniques, while others cover broader topics such as market analysis or trading psychology

Podcasts come in many formats, including interviews, panel discussions, and solo commentary. This selection ensures there’s always something new to learn and explore, regardless of your trading goals.

And if you’re on the quest to get more trading knowledge, you can check out our list of the best forex forums where you’ll speed up your learning with thousands of people of like minds and goals.

Best Trading Podcasts in 2024 Overview

PodcastPodcast TypeBest For
1Words of RizdomInterviewAll traders
2 FX Talk – An Ebury PodcastTalk show/Market AnalysisAll traders
3IG Trading the MarketsMarket Analysis All traders
4Titans of TomorrowInterviewBeginners
5Desire To Trade PodcastTalkshowAll traders
6Chat With TradersTips and strategiesBeginners
7The Trading CoachInvestingBeginners
8Global Market InsightsMarket AnalysisBeginners
9Trading NutTalkshowBeginners
10Forex Beginner PodcastMarket TipsBeginners
11How to Trade ItMarket TipsBeginner to intermediate traders
12Trading Global Markets DecodedMarket Analysis/TalkshowTechnical Analysts
13Forex Q&ATips and strategiesBeginners
14Trading with Rayner ShowMarket Tips, analyses, and interviewsAll traders
15SteadyTradeMarket TipsBeginner to intermediate traders
16Two Blokes TradingMarket TipsAll traders

Over to You

To sum up, if you’re a forex trader looking to stay informed and up-to-date with the latest market trends, listening to forex podcasts can be a game-changer.

Not only do they offer expert insights and analysis, but they also provide a platform for traders to connect, learn, and grow together. And listening to trading podcasts does not require much. You can do it while trading forex and get all the benefits without investing time and effort to learn new things.

Additionally, we suggest you check our Trading Academy, where we provide trading courses by our trading experts. Our service can be a game-changer for those who like to trade in a group and be part of a trading community.

Risk Disclosure: The information provided in this article is not intended to give financial advice, recommend investments, guarantee profits, or shield you from losses. Our content is only for informational purposes and to help you understand the risks and complexity of these markets by providing objective analysis. Before trading, carefully consider your experience, financial goals, and risk tolerance. Trading involves significant potential for financial loss and isn't suitable for everyone.

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