Welcome to Level 9!

With eight certificates in your bag, you are nearly at the end of the Learn How To Trade Academy.

We’re super proud of you for making it this far!

Unlike the previous levels, this one does not focus on the technical aspect of trading. Instead, level 9 is all about Trading Psychology.

We’ll cover various different emotions each trader goes through and teach you how to manage and control them properly.

Know the feelings of anger you get if the trade goes against you? Or the urge to place a trade just to get your money back? And how about the feeling when you’re scared to place a trade because you fear losing even more money?

We’ll show you simple tricks to ensure you are always in charge of your emotions and they don’t get the better of you.

So bring your A-game and let’s get to it!

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What will you learn?

• What Is Trading Psychology?

• How to control emotions that hold us back?

• How to control emotions that cloud our judgement?

• How to control emotions that force us to trade?

• How to develop a positive mindset?

• Why is it important to keep a trading journal?

• What is the Cycle of Doom?

Ready to get stuck in and learn all things Forex?