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Save $228 on our Trade Together program, paid for by our partner.

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Connor Woods, Author

Connor Woods

Market Analyst

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Connor is a highly skilled market analyst, whose career accelerated after landing a job at the global brokerage firm Taurex in a sales and support role 5 years ago. He was quickly promoted to Senior Market Analyst. Since then, he has been sharing his opinion across all markets and helping others become better traders.

This industry is all he has known, and he appeals to any millennial trader. His areas of expertise lie in coaching traders with varying levels of experience in skill in day trading, including psychology and risk management. His passion and expertise primarily revolve around macroeconomics, coupled with the ability to implement all types of technical analysis, especially Smart Money Concepts.

He has come from an academic background achieving a first-class degree in Finance and Economics from Bournemouth University, where Micro and Macro Economics were at the forefront of his studies. Areas of expertise include:

Areas of expertise include:

  • Smart Money Concepts
  • Indices
  • Risk Management
  • Macroeconomics
  • Forex

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