Creating a home for new and existing traders to learn, grow & profit together. We believe everyone should be able to trade if they want to.
First and foremost, we’re experienced traders; everyone from our mentors to our support team. We know our onions.
Our mission is simple, yet powerful. Enable you with the trading knowledge and skills to achieve whatever goals you might have in your life.
Anyway, enough with the emotional stuff, let’s look at who’s going to help you become a better, more successful trader.
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Andrew Lockwood
Meet Andrew. He’s a trading veteran with over 30 years trading experience. He started out in the trading pits of London during the wild 80's but for the last 15 years he’s been successfully trading from the screens at home.
When he was in the pits, everyone called him ‘Chip Pan Charlie’ you’ll have to ask him about that one…
Oh, and that’s his dog Ollie - you’ll see him now and then in our daily live trading sessions.
Mark Bennell
Currently upside down on the other side of the planet Mark's based in sunny Melbourne, Australia.
With over a decade of trading experience and a background in engineering, Mark is meticulous in how he executes his blue-print trading approach. If technical trading is your thing, then Mark is the machine you want to emulate.
Talking of 'machine', ask him about how much he benches! Despite his cool, calm and calculated demeanour, Mark still finds time to get aggressive in his home gym. Picture Arnold Schwarzenegger "The Pump" (Google for help).
Max Norbury
Here’s Max. Don’t let his youngish looks put you off. He’s been trading for 10 years now and he knows his stuff! He’s worked in The City of London as a professional trader with a multi-million pound account but soon realised he preferred doing it for himself.
The team joke about his voluminous hair (yes he does use hairspray) but, secretly, that’s where he keeps his snacks.
Straight to the point and a great motivator, his live trading streams are always a hit - make sure you join him in there.
Our mentors and our team are on hand 24/7. All you need to do is chat with us

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