Welcome to Level 8!

You’re nearly at the end of the Learn How To Trade Online Academy.

In Level 8, you will develop a deeper understanding of Risk Management and learn from industry experts how you can become profitable simply from being consistent and sticking to your strategy.

You will learn everything you need to build your own trading plan and conquer the Forex markets. We will hold your hand through the basics, all the way through to the advanced lessons.

However, remember that this is not a get rich quick scheme! In fact, it is the opposite. We believe it’s not about learning as fast as you can but instead, acquiring the right skills, the right mindset and a whole lot of discipline.

So bring your A-game and let’s get to it!

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What will you learn?

• What Is Risk Management?

• Best Ways To Manage Risk in Forex.

• What Is Drawdown?

• How Much Should You Risk?

• Best Risk & Reward Ratio In Forex.

Ready to get stuck in and learn all things Forex?