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Discover how to be your own boss. Start your 30 day free trial today.

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Pass 2-steps And Enter Our Exclusive Traders Inner Circle

Step 1

3-day accelerator Program

Go through our 3-day accelerator program dedicating just 20 minutes per day.

Step 2

Receive Accreditation

Complete a small assessment on the 3rd day. Get your certificate.


Join Traders Inner Circle

Invitation to join our exclusive trading community of like-minded people growing their future.

Step 1

Start Our 3-Day Accelerator Program

Decades Of Our Trading Knowledge In 20-Minute Bitesized Daily Lessons.

Day 1: Ignite Your Trading Journey

Discover the Power of the World's Leading Trading Platform and Open the Door to Financial Possibilities

4 Videos, 23 Minutes

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Unleash Your Potential: Seizing a $6 Trillion Daily Opportunity

6 mins

Join the HowToTrade 3-day Accelerator Program, your gateway to mastering market analysis, practicing real market transactions, and uncovering daily money-making opportunities. Get ready for the ultimate assessment at the end of day 3 to join our exclusive Inner Circle. Let's begin!

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Embracing MetaTrader: Create a Free Account & Maximize Its Advantages

9 mins

Get ready to start trading! In this video, we'll guide you through setting up the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Register for a demo account, install MT4, clean up charts, understand its windows, and install our exclusive HowToTrade plugins. By the end, you'll have a sharp, fully loaded MT4 platform, ready to go!

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Pressing the Button: Executing the Perfect Trade

4 mins

Master the art of timing and execution in trading. Start practicing early to become a better trader, focusing on professional entries, exits, stop losses, and take profits. Discover your preferred method through experimentation with MT4's market interactions. Develop good habits and practices for successful trading. Take this lesson seriously and build your trade execution skills now!

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Beyond Forex: Exploring Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Precious Metals, and More

4 mins

Discover a world of trading possibilities beyond forex in our final video. Explore diverse markets on MT4, including highly liquid options and the exciting crypto market. No need to purchase underlying coins on an exchange—express your view on Bitcoin or Ethereum. Unleash your potential as a well-rounded trader and seize opportunities at your fingertips.

Day 2: Get Ahead Of Market Moves

Unveiling Secret Tools Used To Help Us Predict Market Moves Before They Happen.

4 Videos, 25 Minutes

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Secrets Unveiled: 2 Key Methods to Forecast Market Trends

6 mins

Welcome to day 2 of the 3-day Inner Circle Program, where we dive into the core concepts every trader needs to know. In this video, we will explore the tools and techniques traders use to analyze the markets. You'll learn about the importance of having a strategy and how to optimize your profits and minimize losses by adjusting the size of your trades. We'll also show you the power of compounding your trading performance over time for long-term success. We'll begin by explaining the two fundamental types of analysis: Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis. Get ready to take your trading knowledge to the next level and enhance your decision-making abilities as a trader.

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Precision in Action: The Crucial Role of a Well-Defined Strategy

8 mins

Embark on a captivating journey through the world's premier gambling centers: Monte Carlo, Macau, and Las Vegas. These cities host highly profitable gambling companies. But in trading, you can trade with a statistical advantage instead of relying on luck. Professional traders establish this advantage with rules-based strategies and positive expectations for each trade. Join our next video to master position management in the live market.

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Position Sizing Strategies: Amplify Profits and Minimise and Losses

5 mins

Discover the power of having an edge and effective risk management in trading. Learn why being better than a coin flip is crucial. Gain insights on market analysis, strategy, and systematic approaches to create your own edge. Improper risk management can work against us, as losing 50% of our account requires a 100% gain to break even.

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Turn A Little Into A Lot: Why Compounding is 8th Wonder Of The World and How You Can Use It.

6 mins

Discover the key to trading success: how much money is needed to trade. Balance capital resources with financial goals. Unlock potential capital growth through solid trades and the power of compounding. Conduct your own compounding calculations and embrace the trader's mindset. As Day #2 concludes, gain insights into market possibilities, strategy, position sizing, and the transformative power of compounding.

Day 3: Finding Out If You Have What It Takes To Be A Trader

Discovering Your Trading Potential and Get Invited In Our Exclusive Trading Community.

3 Videos, 1 Assessment, 22 Minutes

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Avoiding Common Pitfalls: Overtrading and Reckless Leverage

6 mins

Welcome to Day 3! Shift focus from mechanics to avoiding common trading mistakes. Beware of developing bad habits and juggling trades without clear reasons, akin to playing too many spins on a roulette wheel. Discover the pitfalls and the path to long-term trading success.

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Mastering Emotions: The Difference Between A Successful and Unsuccessful Trader

6 mins

Unveiling the keys to trading success in this video. Avoid overtrading and reckless leverage. Stick to rules, maintain a positive mindset, prioritize sleep, exercise, and nutrition. Set session statements and perform daily wraps for achievable success. The next video explores the Inner Circle and its values, goals, and expectations. Get ready for the journey ahead!

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Our Value, Goals and Mantras Inside Our Traders Inner Circle

6 mins

Welcome to the final stages of our program! We've provided valuable insights, but there's more to explore. Our goal is to identify traders who fit our Inner Circle at HowToTrade and foster high-level trader development. Today, take our assessment to determine your fit. Upon completion, receive an accreditation certificate and an invitation to our trading room. The next video prepares you for the assessment. We expect members to uphold our high standards and values.

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Your assessment: Time to evaluate your knowledge and ability

4 mins

Welcome to the final stages of our program! We've provided valuable insights, but there's more to explore. Our goal is to identify traders who fit our Inner Circle at HowToTrade and foster high-level trader development. Today, take our assessment to determine your fit. Upon completion, receive an accreditation certificate and an invitation to our trading room. The next video prepares you for the assessment. We expect members to uphold our high standards and values.

Step 2

Receive Your Accreditation

During the 3 day accelerator program you'll discover everything you need to know to start trading. At the end of the 3 days you will be tested on your knowledge and once you pass, you'll receive your HowToTrade certificate.


Your Invitation To Unlocking Our Exclusive Traders Inner Circle

Learn trading strategies and grow your future with like-minded people inside our trading room.

Learn Our Specific Rule-Based Trading Strategies

Inside our pro trading academy you will learn our specific trading entry and exit rules. Harness our trading software that gives you an edge in the markets.

  • Pro Academy Access: Watch bite-size videos teaching you how professionals trade.
  • Unlock: Proprietary trading software saving you time and effort.
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live stream with our trading coaches

Watch Live and Trade Alongside Our Trading Coaches Daily

Once you’ve learned our strategies you can tune-in to our daily live trading sessions with the trading coaches and trading opportunities together.

  • Daily live trading streams where we trade together, delivered inside our trading room.
  • Our trading coaches will keep you accountable to your growth and success.

Grow Your Future With Like-minded People

A carefully selected environment ensuring only those who enter share the same attitude toward building wealth and working collaboratively towards their goals.

  • No such thing as a stupid question as we acknowledge that we all started from nothing.
  • An exclusive community with shared values towards financial growth and independence together.
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All-In-One Platform

Unlock Intelligent Trading At Your Fingertips

Your Journey To Becoming Financially Free Starts Now

Start 3-day accelerator program

Understand whether trading is right for you during our 3 day accelerator program.

Receive Your Accreditation

On the 3rd day, sit an assessment to help us determine whether a place in our trading inner circle is right for you.

Unlock Access To Coaching Inside Our Trading Room.

Unlock daily live streams, strategies, lessons and coaching. Join traders from all over the world just like you inside our inner circle and start your path to becoming a successful trader.

Free for 30 days, then $10 a month. Cancel anytime.

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Shain Vernier trading coach
Shain Vernier Coach

Your latest trade was a great move, well done! See you in my next live stream in 5 minutes.

Why Our Inner Circle Is Exclusive and By Invitation Only

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Did You Miss Out On Gamestop? Were You Too Late To Bitcoin?

Next time, don’t miss out. Our exclusive Inner Circle predicts market moves long before they happen.

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Meet Your Trading Coaches Ensuring You Succeed

We’ve got the brains and experience to match. It’s like having an expert trader with you at every step of your trading journey.

Nick Quinn emu flag

Trading Coach

Meet Nick - the master chef of trading! He's got a sizzling passion for the markets that'll leave you hungry for more. Get ready for a feast of technical trading and a spice of fundamental understanding that'll make your trading taste buds explode! When he's not busy reading about trading or crushing the markets, he's cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Nick's early career started in TV production, watch his academy videos and experience trading education on another level.

Market: Equities, fixed income, commodities, spot market forex, CFD's, currency futures contracts

Experience: 14+ years

Shain Vernier us flag

Trading Coach

Saddle up and get ready to trade with Shain - the trading cowboy! He's got more energy than a mustang and more horsepower than a Bugatti. Shain started in competitive sports, real estate, and the oil industry, but he found his true love in trading a decade ago. When he's not wrangling the markets, he's out in the great American wilderness, riding his trusty steed. One ride with Shain on his live stream, and you'll be hooked - he keeps it simple and to the point.

Market: CME WTI crude oil futures, CME gold futures, US equities indices and FX majors.

Experience: 10+ years

Connor Woods emu flag

Trading Coach

Say hello to Connor - the economics guru! Don't let his baby face fool you, this guy's got a tight grasp of the markets. Connor knows all the ins and outs of economics, and if he doesn't, well then, it's probably not worth knowing! He's straight-talking and down-to-earth, making you feel right at home on his live streams. And when he's not busy trading the markets, he's out there on the sports field, getting his competitive fix. With Connor on your team, you'll be winning both on and off the trading screen!

Market: Forex, Equity, Commodities

Experience: 5+ years

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Take a look at frequently asked questions below.

If your question isn't answered here you can read all of our FAQs. If you still need help, contact us through our 24/7 live chat support.

What is HowToTrade’s 3-day accelerator program?

Is trading right for you? Find out with HowToTrade's intensive 3-day accelerator program. Dive into video lessons and quizzes, prove your skills with a short quiz, and gain accreditation on day 3. Unlock your trading potential and be invited into our prestigious Inner Circle of Traders. Immerse yourself in a community where expert trading coaches and like-minded traders are ready to guide you, answer your trading questions, and provide valuable feedback.

Is the HowToTrade 3-day accelerator program for you?

Absolutely! If you're here, it means you have an interest in trading and a desire for financial independence. HowToTrade was designed by traders, for traders of all levels. Our intensive program is perfect for new traders exploring the world of Forex, Stocks, Crypto, and more. Discover if trading is your path and join thousands of successful traders worldwide. Let us help you trade like a pro

What accreditation will I earn at the end of the 3-day accelerator program?

Pass the final quiz after your 3-day accelerator program and unlock a certificate. However, the most exciting part is you will be invited into our Inner Circle, reserved for top achievers like you that demonstrate potential.

What is HowToTrade’s Inner Circle?

Join a global community of passionate traders in HowToTrade's exclusive Inner Circle. Harness the power of our platform to learn, connect, and elevate your trading performance. Together, we navigate the complex world of financial markets, fueled by shared ambition and a commitment to success.

How does the 30 day free trial work?

It's easy. Join today, register and you will have full access to our accelerator program, courses, live streams, tools, community and more. You have 30 days to see if HowToTade is what you're looking for. Visit daily to tune into live streams and learn something new from our extensive video courses. After your 30 days free trial, you will be charged $10 per month for access to HowToTrade. You can cancel at any time during your 30 day free trial. You can cancel your $10 subscription at any time too.

What happens after the 30 day trial ends?

You will be charged $10 per month to continue enjoying full access to HowToTrade's courses, trading coaches and live streams. You will also get additional access to private messages with our trading coaches, exclusive tools and EAs and much more. You can cancel your $10 subscription at any time.

How do I contact the HowToTrade team?

You can contact our team 24/7 via the live chat in the bottom right corner of this website or you can email our customer care team on [email protected]