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Join our academy and claim 50% discount!

May Promotion: Join our academy and claim 50% discount!

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Flourish in an optimised environment

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  • Prop dashboard

    Get clarity on your trading performance. View all of your trading statistics in real-time. Log every trade and measure your progress.

  • Live streams

    Never feel confused whilst trading again. Watch daily live streams hosted by our trading coaches. Ask them questions in real-time.

  • Academy courses

    Hone your skills with our on-demand video lessons. Learn the very basics all the way up to the most advanced trading skills.

  • Community

    Never trade alone again. Live chat with our community of thousands of like-minded traders. Get help when you need it.

In the financial markets, clarity reigns supreme when simplicity is embraced

Our daily live streams bust the jargon and give you actionable trading skills. No matter your level of experience you’ll learn exactly what moves the markets and how to trade them.

traderoom livestream

Demo vs real account - are it really that different? - Module 2.3

Nick Quinn icon

by Nick Quinn

Next LIVE stream starts in:

European Session Market Scout - Spanish Inflation

Connor Woods icon

by Connor Woods

09:00 - 09:30

Community Trades Workshop

Nick Quinn icon

by Nick Quinn

10:30 - 11:00

US Open: How Confident Is The US Consumer?

Connor Woods icon

by Connor Woods

13:20 - 13:50

learn how the pros do it

Learn How the Pros do it

Our trading coaches have prepared fantastic educational videos for you. They will show you their strategies, chart patterns, trader psychology and much more.

Unlock your edge in the markets

Keep your trading simple. Use our automated expert advisors to help you find trade opportunities, manage your risk and to help you read the charts easier.

unlock your edge
gain market insights

Gain market insights with our market analysis

Get weekly market analysis from our in-house experienced trading coaches and be one step ahead of the markets.

Do you want to become a career trader?

Our mission is to nurture aspiring traders and give them the right knowledge to trade the markets.

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Join our academy and claim 50% discount!
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