Setting Up Multiple Charts in MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

Well-organised charts in MetaTrader 4 (MT4) will make all the difference in helping you react faster to any future market opportunities. 

How to open a new chart

If you have no charts open in your MetaTrader 4 (MT4) when you first launch the platform, go to ‘File’ and click ‘New Chart’.


A new menu will open with the most popular currency pairs listed at the top and the rest of the instruments available grouped by asset type. Select the one you need.

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MT4 charts

You can maximise your charts or keep them in a smaller window by dragging the window.

How to arrange charts in MT4

You can easily close and manage charts as regular windows. Remember to have the chart highlighted while you are working on it by simply clicking on it.

MetaTrader 4

You can open multiple charts and switch between them from the tabs below the chart or arrange them as tiles.

To do that you can use the ‘Tile’ button in the toolbar above the chart or by right-clicking on the chart tabs, where you can easily switch between the different views.

MetaTrader 4

You’ll notice that there are different time frames being provided, ranging from 1-minute charts right through to 1-month charts. ‘M’ is short for “minute”, ‘H’ is short for ‘hour’, ‘D’ is short for ‘day’, ‘W’ is short for ‘week’, and ‘MN’ is short for ‘month’.

You can choose your preferred time frames by simply clicking on the letters above the charts.

mt4 time frames

And that’s your charts ready!

Now the question is… Are you?

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