How to Use Fibonacci Retracement with Trend Lines? [EXPLAINED]

As you already know, Fibonacci retracement levels work best when the market is trending.

So what better tool to combine it with other than TREND LINES.



Trendlines being such an important part of technical analysis, when combined with the Fibonacci indicator, can produce trades that have the HIGHEST probability of winning. 

Intrigued? I don’t blame you!

Let me show you how this can be done.

Combine Fibonacci Retracement with Trendlines

The main aim of the Fibonacci retracement is to signal the most reliable support and resistance levels.

But what if I told you that you can confirm the signal by drawing a trend line. 

And if the trend line and the Fibonacci levels collide, this point may become the most forceful support or resistance level.

Let’s recap how you can do this in practice. Stick to the following 5 points and you can’t go wrong.

Rule #1 Find a Trending Currency Pair

Rule #2 Draw a Trend Line

Rule #3 Draw Fibonacci From Swing low to swing High

Rule #4 Wait for the Price level to Hit Trend Line

Rule #5 Place your trade

Rule #6 Withdraw your $$$$

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Combining Fibonacci with Trendlines on a Forex Chart

Here’s a Monthly chart of EUR/USD. 

fibonacci trend line

As you can see, the price has been respecting a short-term rising trend line over the past month.

If you look even closer, you’ll see that we plotted the Fibonacci retracement levels by using the Swing Low and the Swing High.

Notice how the Trendline and Fib levels intersected at 61.8%?

Could these levels serve as potential support levels? There’s only one way to find out!

fibonacci trend lines


If you had set some orders at that level, you would have had the perfect entry!

And that’s what the combination of a diagonal and a horizontal support or resistance level can do!

It’s good to have this in your trading toolbox, aye?

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