How To Set Up Moving Averages in MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

Adding a simple moving average to your charts is super simple.

Let us walk you through it!

1. Firstly, open your MT4 platform. To add a moving average to your chart simply go to edit, found in the top left hand corner of MT4, scroll over ‘Indicators’ and click the option labelled ‘Moving Average’.

2. After selecting moving average from the list above, a new window will pop up. You will see 3 tabs on that window.

In Parameters tab, you can set your moving average value on period box (which determines how long the average will be), select your preferred MA method, and select what this will apply to (e.g.  Close, Open, High, Low).

 You can also customise the MA colours by clicking on Style.

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3. In the Level tab, you can set channel with main MA. Click on Add, then double click on Level and put distance value from your MA. This option is not compulsory. You can avoid this parameter or keep the value 00.

 4. In the ‘Visualization’ tab, you can see the time frame where you can use this moving average. If you select ‘All timeframes’, then you will be able to see your MA on all time frames.

5. And that’s it! Click OK and voila just like that you have a simple moving average on your chart. 

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