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Trading course overview


⭐️ Forex basics

Currency trading? Forex trading? FX trading? Totally clueless about Forex? Here’s an introduction to the foreign exchange market.

And if you are a complete newbie trying to learn the ropes? We make the complicated simple. Seriously, we’ll take you from zero to hero with our HowToTrade Trading Academy.

😇  Forex 101
💪  Forex Jargon
⭐️  Forex Trading Styles
🕴 Forex Brokers
📈 Forex Charts
💡 Market Analysis

⚡️ Understanding the market

When making any investment it is important to understand what you’re getting into. We will teach you the basics on how to analyse the currency markets, choose a Forex broker, explore the 4 Fforex trading styles and learn about the different types of Fforex charts.

You will gain a foundation of how to identify profitable opportunities in the market and you will know exactly what the market is all about.


💥 Technical analysis

Want to master technical analysis and learn how to use Trend Lines, Candlesticks, Fibonacci Retracement and Moving Averages to accurately predict the market? We’ve got you covered.

This level will leave no stone unturned and you will learn all about the advanced trading strategies used by professional traders.

📉 Trend Lines
💹 Candlesticks
⚡️ Fibonacci Retracement
🧠 Moving Averages
👩‍💻 Risk Management
😶 Trading Psychology
📊 Creating a Trading Plan

💪 Mindset

To become a profitable trader, you need to master your mentality and risk management. These are arguably the most important things on your journey to becoming a successful trader.

This unit will give you the structure and guidance you need to limit any mistakes and start to see consistent results much faster.

STEP 5 – Trading

Start Trading

You are now ready to hit the markets! Join HowToTrade to continue your journey as a forex trader. 


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What is How To Trade Trading Academy all about?

We’re all about taking you from an absolute beginner to an absolute trading legend. The How To Trade Trading Academy is all about making YOU into a profitable trader. Forex lingo? Brokers? Charts? Indicators? Strategies? Risk management?

We cover it all.

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When is the deadline to enrol for the How To Trade Trading Academy?

Never. You can start learning with our How To Trade Trading Academy any time, any day, no matter where in the world you are. And the best thing? You can take things at your own pace.

Only feel like going through one lesson whilst having your late-night pint? No problem!

Want to go through the full level whilst sipping on the red? That’s fine too!

Learning to trade Forex doesn’t have to be hard.. especially if you’re doing it with the pros!

I want to learn Forex. How can I start the course?

Getting started with How To Trade Trading Academy is super easy! Simply find the course you want to take and click on it! For the best result, make sure you create an account so you can track your progress and test your knowledge with our awesome quizzes along the road!

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What are the fees for How To Trade Trading Academy?

Nothing. Zero. Nada. It’s completely free for ambitious legends like yourself. For the best result, make sure you create an account so you can track your progress and test your knowledge with our awesome quizzes along the road!

Do I need an account to use How To Trade Trading Academy?

You don’t need an account to use How To Trade Trading Academy, however it is recommended you make one. It doesn’t cost a penny and you’ll get access to some awesome features, such as being able to track your progress, take quizzes, receive useful tips in your mail and much more.

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Are there any limitations when joining How To Trade Trading Academy?

There’s no limitations. You can join, your gran can join, hell even your dog can join! Free Forex Trading Academy for ALL.

What happens once I finish the Trading Academy?

Once you finish the course and you feel confident enough to start trading some real bucks, you can continue learning to trade with the masters at

Our mentors with over 50 years experience stream live up to 4 times a day and are available to answer any questions you may have! You’ll see and quickly understand patterns to look out for and what data to look at.

And what’s even better, once you join HowToTrade, you’ll get access to our Pro Trading Academy which includes 17 modules, and over 229 bitesize video lessons.

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