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54 MetaTrader4 Hotkeys and Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Workflow

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mt4 hot keys

MetaTrader4 is a powerful trading platform that offers traders a wide range of technical tools and features. Rightly so, it is arguably the most popular trading platform among traders offered by forex and CFD brokers. But to be able to really master the platform and speed up your workflow process, you should get familiar with MT4 keyboard shortcuts. 

In this article, we’ll tell you all the MT4 hotkeys you need in order to trade smarter. So, let’s jump in!

Why Use MT4 Shortcuts When Trading?

For us traders, time is literally money; every second counts. With the highly volatile nature of the forex market and financial markets in general, you must be fast and learn the features and functionality of your trading platform to be a successful day trader. So, making the most of your time can differentiate between a profitable trade and a missed opportunity, and a failing or a successful trading experience.

That’s where MT4 shortcuts come in. Like any other software, using these hotkeys allow you to perform a range of functions in MetaTrader 4 quickly and efficiently. Instead of navigating to the menu or clicking on several buttons, you can simply use a shortcut to get your desired result.

Whether placing a trade, analyzing charts, or managing your account, MetaTrader hotkeys can save you a lot of hassle and unnecessary errors when trading forex or CFDs. It can also speed up your workflow process and, ultimately, improve your forex trading performance.

Top MT4 Hacks and Shortcuts You Need to Know (Video)

First, watch this video made by our trading coaches to learn more about MT4 hacks and shortcuts to improve your trading performance.

54 of the Most Useful MT4 Shortcuts

Here are all the most useful MetaTrader keyboard shortcuts you can use to improve your trading performance.

Chart Management Hotkeys

← (Leftwards)Scroll the chart to the left
→ (Rightwards)Scroll the chart to the right
↑ (Upwards)Fast scroll the chart to the left, and if the scale is defined, scroll the chart up
↓ (Downwards)Fast scroll the chart to the right, and if the scale is defined, scroll the chart down
Page UpFast scroll the chart to the left to fit the screen width
Page DnFast scroll the chart to the right to fit the screen width
F12Move the chart by one candlestick/bar to the left
Shift+F12Move the chart by one candlestick/bar to the right
HomeFast scroll the chart to the oldest (first) candlestick
EndMove the chart to the current point
Num 5Reset the vertical scale, hence, restore the automatic chart scale. If the scale is defined, the chart will get back into the visible range

Chart Layout Customization Hotkeys

“‒” (minus)Chart zoom out
“+” (plus)Chart zoom in
Alt+1Displays bar chart
Alt+2Displays candlestick chart
Alt+3Displays broken line chart
Ctrl+GDisplay/hide the grid on the chart
Ctrl+HDisplay/hide OHLC data in the upper left chart corner
Ctrl+LDisplay/hide trading volume sub chart
Ctrl+YDisplay/hide period separators
Ctrl+AResets indicator windows height to the default

Common / Navigation Hotkeys

DeleteDeletes all selected graphical objects
BackspaceDeletes the last selected object from the chart
EnterShow/hide the fast navigation window on the left corner of the chart
EscCloses the dialog window.
Ctrl+CUse it to copy any action to clipboard
Ctrl+ZUse it to undo any action
Alt+F4Closes the MT4 client terminal

Other Useful MT4 Hotkeys and Shortcuts

F1Open the MT4 User Guide
F2Open the History Center window
F3Open the Global Variables window
F4Launch MetaEditor, which is an editor of indicators and EAs
F6Open the Strategy Tester window, to test the expert attached to the chart window
F7Open the customization menu of the attached EA on the current chart
F8Open the chart properties window
F9Open a New Order window
F10Open the Market Watch window
F11Enable/disable full-screen mode
Alt + ACopy EA testing/optimization result and copy into the clipboard
Alt + WOpen the chart managing window
Ctrl + BOpen the Object List window
Ctrl + EEnable/disable Expert Advisor
Ctrl + FEnable/disable the crosshair tool
Ctrl + IOpen the indicators list window – tells you the list of active indicators
Ctrl + PPrint the selected chart
Ctrl + SSave the selected chart data as CSV, PRN, and HTM files
Ctrl + WClose the selected chart window
Ctrl + DOpen the Data Window menu
Ctrl + MOpen or close the Market Watch window
Ctrl + NOpen or close the Navigator window
Ctrl + OOpen or close the Setup window
Ctrl + ROpen or close the Strategy Tester window
Ctrl + TOpen or close the Terminal window to view account balance and open positions
Ctrl + F6Activate the next chart windows
Ctrl + F5Switch account to the next profile
Shift + F5Switch back to the previous profile

Final Word

In summary, using MT4 hotkeys can save you time and effort by allowing you to access frequently used commands quickly. And in trading, as you might know, time is worth money. Ultimately, learning how to use shortcuts can help streamline your trading workflow and allow you to focus on your analysis. It is an essential of every trading coaching program.

To learn more about MT4, we suggest you visit our guide on how to backtest your forex trading strategy, and our guide on how to use the Fibonacci retracement tool. You can also visit our introduction course on MT4, and how to install MT4 on Windows and Mac.

And, best of all, you can use our MT4 trading simulator that enables you to directly on a browser without having to register or open an account.

Risk Disclosure: The information provided in this article is not intended to give financial advice, recommend investments, guarantee profits, or shield you from losses. Our content is only for informational purposes and to help you understand the risks and complexity of these markets by providing objective analysis. Before trading, carefully consider your experience, financial goals, and risk tolerance. Trading involves significant potential for financial loss and isn't suitable for everyone.

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